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A lot of people tell me “I’m not good at English,” or even “I don’t like English.” Now, listen to me carefully:

You don’t hate English. You hate the way it makes you feel.

This is a personal matter for me. I live as a foreigner in Japan, and I had to learn the language in order to work as a freelancer. In a previous job, I had a boss who used to tell me–publicly, might I add–that I “speak Japanese like a primary school student.” As you can imagine, this was not very motivating at all. It was like trying to climb a granite cliff, and when I went up one metre, the cliff got 2 metres higher. Eventually I left that job and that boss, but not before developing some nasty mental blocks about studying and speaking Japanese that I struggle with to this day.

Like this but with no ropes!

I’ll never tell you “don’t be shy!” or “just have confidence!” because I know from personal experience that it isn’t that simple. But I will help you feel nervous and speak anyway. And soon, what seemed so difficult won’t seem so difficult anymore.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for serious students who have an upcoming business trip, plan to travel independently, need English for work, or just want to jump-start their learning. Rather than teach from a textbook, private lessons are customised to your interests and needs. Although I sometimes draw exercises from textbooks, I will pay attention to words and phrases you have trouble with, and use them to plan further lessons. We’ll use a combination of speaking, listening, reading, and writing during sessions, depending on your needs. At home, you’ll be expected to complete homework in the form of e-mail diary entries, Anki flashcards, shadowing, brief Skype or Line calls, and any other method we come up with. Even the best English teacher in the world can’t make you learn unless you’re willing to put in the time for self-study, so please be willing to do all you can to get your money’s worth.


There are so many nice teachers in every city in Japan, and you can make great friends in a conventional English conversation class… even if your teacher is very young and inexperienced. But if you’re serious about improving, want an experienced Japanese-speaking teacher, please contact me for a free consultation.

Group Classes

“Kurisu no Eikaiwa So-to- Oshiecha!” class takes on Wednesday nights at Himitsu Kichi in Kokura. It’s a short 30-minute class where you learn English that you can use in real-life situations with foreigners you meet in the city. Let’s show the world what Kitakyushu is made of!

When: Wednesday evenings 19:00-19:40

Where: Himitsu Kichi

Level: Beginners and False Beginners

Broken English Association

The Broken English Association, or BEA, is a conversation circle for intermediate to advanced-level students. If you have already studied English for a few years or have spent time abroad and just want to maintain your level, it’s the class for you. We lead discussions based on various interesting topics picked out by both me and participants. There is no contract, and you can attend at your convenience.

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